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 Addmotor electric bike, built for every kind of green ride.

Seize Your Electric Bike DEAL-Addmotor e-bikes come with 2 and 3-wheel electric bicycles equipped with powerful electric motors ranging from 500w to 1,250w, it has successively upgraded its electric bikes and electric trikes with world-first 48V*20 Ah EB 2.0 battery system verified by UL, which powers ride ranges from 55+ to 125+miles and safe ride. Pedal for Fun, Pedal for Earth Now.



Addmotor Electric Bikes come with 2 and 3-wheelers equipped with UL-verified Samsung battery cells and powerful Bafang electric motors ranging from 500w to 1250w. By having these components, it has successfully upgraded the electric bikes & e-trikes to maximize our user’s riding experience. The ride ranges from 55+ to 125+ miles per charge. More are coming soon, subscribe & stay in the loop!

Electric Tricycle

Featuring 3-wheels and fat tires, the Addmotor electric trike is a top pick for adults, seniors, and those with special needs. Using a UL-certified 48V*20Ah battery and a 750w powerful Bafang motor, it delivers a safe and stable ride up to 90+ miles per charge. Among them all, the M-360 Electric Trike is the world’s first semi-recumbent e-trike. Click and discover your FREEDOM now.

Moped-Style Cruiser Electric Bicycle
With Banana Seat

Could you imagine how cool a moped-style beach cruiser bike with a banana seat can be?

Dual Suspension, Double Comfort! Take a look at Soletan & Herotan and you’ll discover how crazy the combination of a banana seat and dual suspension could be. Twist the throttle and get up to 25 mph even with a friend sitting on the banana seat. With the full suspension, both cruiser electric bikes will give you a phenomenal riding experience.

CITYPRO Commuter Electric Bike

Make Your GREEN mark with the CITYPRO commuter e-bike. With electric bikes, people can go everywhere safely with less CO2 emissions. Commuter ebikes can help you travel around the city in a greener and more sustainable way. CITYPRO makes your trip more comfortable and smoother. With a UL-certified 48V*20Ah battery, it can reach up to 125 miles meaning you can take a trip to rural areas far away from the heart of the city.

Electric Cargo Bike

The Garootan M-81 Cargo E-bike is the best speedy companion. It has a carrying capacity of 350 lbs and even with 2 kids at the back of the bike, it can reach 105+ miles. Run to the park, go down a trail, and grab some ice cream with your kiddos.

Electric Folding Bike

10 seconds is all you need to take and fold away your folding e-bike. These bikes are easy to carry and store for its folding capability which is perfect for those who commute in the city every day. Order today and  your journey awaits!